An all inclusive Cannabis Rewards Program!

Flash Tokens is the best weed rewards program in Canada. We want to reward loyal customers and the more you purchase the more you earn & save. Flash Tokens can be earned on product purchases, referrals (temporarily disabled), reviews, and much more. Special prizes, raffles, giveaways, and freebies are just some of the amazing features of our Flash Tokens Rewards Program!

Your points are yours, forever. No expirations.


  • Earn 100% of your total purchases as Tokens. For example, a cart total of $100 will earn you 100 Flash Tokens. The total is calculated prior to any shipping fees.

  • Flash Tokens have a value of 25 Tokens to $1. 

  • Easily view your points, redemptions, and history from your My Accounts page.

  • You may redeem up to a maximum of 1,250 Flash Tokens ($50 value) per order.

  • The cart total must be at least $125 before Flash Tokens can be redeemed.

  • Review us and earn over $70 in Flash Tokens. See below for more details. Learn more.
  • Review our terms & conditions below to learn about our redemption rules and restrictions.

Redeeming is as easy as pie. YUM!


  • Flash Tokens can be redeemed during checkout or your My Cart page.
  • Check your Flash Tokens Dashboard to see how many tokens you have.
  • You can redeem on every order or save up your Flash Tokens for a large purchase!
  • Flash Tokens can be redeemed once you have at least 100 Flash Tokens ($4 value).
  • Coupons & Flash Tokens cannot be combined together.
  • Flash Tokens can be redeemed on all products, sale items, during certain site wide promotions, bundles, sample packs, and much more. In fact, you can redeem Flash Tokens on every single purchase!

So many ways to earn Flash Tokens. Power up by leaving us a review or two! 


  • The easiest way to earn Flash Tokens is by making product purchases. Each purchase is converted to a 1:1 purchase. So if you spend $100 you earn 100 Flash Tokens. Check out your purchase & earning history here.
  • Signup for an account and automatically earn 50 Flash Tokens ($2 value).
  • Visit our website daily and earn 5 Flash Tokens a day. Remember to be logged in!
  • Review us and earn over $100 in Flash Tokens. See below for more details. Learn more.
  • Paying by cash? Earn an additional 100 ($4) Flash Tokens per cash transaction. Learn more.

Reviews help us grow and we’re here to reward you. Earn up to $70 in Flash Tokens. Seriously!


Send us a screenshot of your review to [email protected] and we’ll credit your account within 24 hours! Click the links below to submit your reviews. Reviews are limited to 1 per customer account per section. Complete all reviews below and earn a bonus $15 in Flash Tokens!



Review each of our listings on Leafythings and earn $9 in Flash Tokens (225 tokens) per listing or $45 total for all 5 (1,125 tokens)!

Toronto EastClick here

Toronto West – Click here

MarkhamClick here

MississaugaClick here

Canada WideClick here


Google Reviews – $10

Review us on our Google Business Page here and earn $10 in Flash Tokens (250 tokens).

Refer a Friend is temporarily disabled


A few simple Terms & Conditions.


To ensure the Flash Tokens Rewards are not abused there are a few rules put in place:


  • Tokens cannot be earned on orders when Flash Tokens are being redeemed.
  • You cannot earn Flash Tokens on orders where you are using a coupon or any other site wide promotion.
  • Orders cannot be below $40 after Flash Tokens are redeemed.
  • You must have at least 100 Flash Tokens before you may redeem them.
  • The cart total must be at least $125 before Flash Tokens can be redeemed
  • You may redeem up to a maximum of 1,250 Flash Tokens ($50 value) per order.
  • Tokens cannot be earned when purchasing special sale items, site-wide discount promotions, or bundled discounts. For example, our Shake n’ Bake discount applies a site-wide discount up to 10% on all items. In this scenario you would not earn Flash Tokens.
  • Flash Bundles, Mix n’ Match, Bulk products, and other bundled deals are not eligible as these offers already include substantial discounts.
  • Tokens cannot be redeemed on special bundles such as the Clearance Bundle, The Holiday Deal, The Connoisseur Bundle, etc.

The terms and conditions governing the Flash Tokens Rewards Program is subject to change at Flash Buds Company’s discretion. 

Last Updated: August 31st, 2022