Schedule35 – Microdose 500mg

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The S35 Superdose is for the experienced user. After you’ve been super productive and gotten your sh*t done, it’s time to treat yourself with a light trip. Work hard, play hard, right? Four 500mg capsules per bag. Learn more.

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Schedule35 - Microdose 100mg

A little bit goes a long way. Designed with the newbie in mind, the 100mg capsule is meant for the individual who's new to microdosing and looking for a way to level up. Because you know, stagnation is death. Five 100mg capsules per bag. Learn more.

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Schedule35 - Microdose 200mg

Oh, this isn't your first psychedelic rodeo. The 200mg capsule is meant for the seasoned creative looking to spark their imagination and lock in on some really cool work. Follow the regiment and do something great. Five 200mg capsules per bag. Learn more.

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