Super Quad – The Frost Factory – Premium Tuna Can (14g)


The Frost Factory is a Maine Craft Cannabis dispensary in Hallowell. Frost Factory specializes in cultivating some of the best marijuana in the world that are specially selected for their superior genetics. Each grow is hand trimmed and grown in small batches. The Frost Factory team specializes in discovering hard to find genetics and cross-breeding resulting in rich, trichome covered, icey cannabis. If you’re looking for old school, premium cannabis, this is the one for you! Each strain is cold cured to lock in maximum flavour and freshness. All products come in factory sealed 14g premium tuna cans. Learn more.

Note: Lots are subject to availability. If a lot is not available it will automatically be substituted with a similar lot. Our prices are based on the current market price and cost to procure each batch. All of our batches are certified for 100% authenticity.

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